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Re: "Core Audio Technology" - still operating?
Yes, he is still not accepting returns, being irrational, accusing customers of lying and shipping products of inconceivably cheap and shoddy construction. ¬†Ask me how I know. 
Deciding on the right huge speaker
Cut Audiokinesis some slack. Given the distribution realities of big speakers the fact is most people don't live near a dealer for most of these products so in home audition is almost impossible. And do you really expect a dealer to truck freight ... 
To Soundlab or not to Soundlab?
So if I can summarize, you think the M-2/A-3s will give a wider soundstage than the U-1,M-1,A-1s in my room and that the toroid transformer & Cardas binding post upgrade is worthwhile. Given that, is there any meaningful trade-off in bass exte...