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Moving into an apartment with wood joist floors - worried about neighbors hearing
In the 70's I hung a pair of Infinity Monitors from my ceiling with rope. The adjoining apartment, although sharing floor and roof joists, told me they did not hear anything.   
RCA splitter
mijostyn - simple answer is to see if it makes a difference to my enjoyment of music. My speakers have powered woofer cabinets allowing for separating the bass loading from mid/tweeter loading on the 2 watt SET amp powering them. For anyone wantin... 
RCA splitter
Thanks for your responses. I'm going to give these a try as they output in two different directions which will facilitate non parallel cable routing which I believe is desirable.   
Avantgarde modifications?
Thanks for those response which have given me further thoughts to consider. If I do proceed with modifications I will report on the results.