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Integrated amp for Sonus Faber olympica nova 1
i think the int60 is good looking. i was using dynaudio speakers which she did not like till i got the sonus fabers and she was mighty impressed. i am considering naim uniti nova. the british amps are small and sleek while american amps tend to b... 
Best Wireless ear buds for SOUND..??!
For sound quality it’s b&w pi7 or beoplay ex.. Sony 1000xm4 comes in third. The Sony beats them in noise canceling    
Magico A3, suggested integrated amp.
it depends on the preference for sound . if you want want punchy then naim, the pass int 60 has a lush relaxed detailed sound, musical. i will say the luxman is between the naim and pass. consider the luxman 590 axIIcheck out 
Integrated Amp (Gryphon, T+A, etc) or DAC + Stereo Amp for B&W 802d3
Consider Pass int 250 with a Lumin streamer/dac 
upgrade Dynaudio Special 40 to Kef Reference 1
I finally decided to keep the Dynaudio S40 speakers and grabbed a PASS Int 60 integrated amplifier. Now I have the sound i was looking for. Smooth, lush, detailed, sweet sounding amp. My next speaker purchase will be the dynaudio confidence 20.  
upgrade Dynaudio Special 40 to Kef Reference 1
Thanks all for the contributions. I am now thinking to keep the dynaudio speakers and change the amp. I like the mcintosh type of sound but don't have the budget now. any recommendations on amps?