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Feelings on Napster?
I am 16 and a napster user, put i do not feel downloading songs hurts the music industry, i use mp3s as a trial form of music to decide if i like the song enough to buy the cd. Of the mp3s i have now, i have or plan to buy almoust all of the artis... 
Any Decent Sounding Multiple CD Players?
rotel rcc955 should be up to your task 
The best sounding FM Tuner is.....
It may not be the best but the rotel rt940 i have sounds really good and is cheap 
Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
Korn, limp bizcut and kid rock, but i guess they don't really count as they claim to be rock bands but are really more like rap 
NHT SuperOnes
I have a pair in my home theatre, in this they are fine, but for listening to music i find them to have a very condensed sound with minimal separation between insterments 
looking for older Infinity speakers
I have ancient Qe with the emits that i inherited from my dad and understand your search, as they still sound relly good, but no they are not for sale, good luck though. 
Speakers: all-time worst
Their is no way in hell that bose stuff can compete with the speakers in my sisters panasonic mini system, i mean a peace of tin foil would sound better than them. They have only one thing excesive boomy bass, but i geuss that sells. but i have no...