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Biggest "bang for the buck" audio gear you have owned(in your history)?
I was pleased to see the Large Advents mentioned.Me: Large AdventsLBL L-100Dahlquist dq-20sHafler Amp and pre-amp I built Roger Modjeski pre-ampThey all brought good music at great value but the only one I widh I had not sold was the Roger Modjesk... 
Usless but interesting many of you old timers started with original Large Advents?
Yeah, me too. I was broke and did not have a TV but managed to scrape together enough to buy the Advents. Powered with a amp and pre-amp I made. I've never regretted any money I spent on stereos and enjoyed listening to the Advents for years.Scott 
Best Record Cleaning Fluid
Many years ago I had the opportunity to evaluate record fluids and brushes. I found little to no differences in the cleaning effects of the 6 fluids I checked. Methodology - I sectioned a dirty record, cleaned them with commercial record cleaners ... 
What's the scoop on the old Jensen Corp "Advent" speaker by H. Kloss?
I owned and like the Advent speakers but speakers age. I have refurbished speakers but do not recommend it. I found it more economical to replace the individual speakers.Scott 
Digital Audio for Dummies
One more vote for Bluesound Vault. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, I want to add that their support is first rate. The techs will help you with any transfer or set-up issues you may encounter. I believe you can call them before you buy... 
Suggest a new amp/preamp/Dac streaming combo
Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. I'll spend some time to digest all the information.  To clarify for mesch, I have a CD player, lots of CDs, a radio tuner and numerous files (MP3 and I tunes).  Scott