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Revel Ultima 2's and Amplification
Hey thanks much for the extensive and detailed reply, it is appreciated.  I didn't think the Marantz was that bad as it was a top of the line receiver that was $2200 when new but that is why I asked the question.  I have the emotiva XPA-1 gen 2 mo... 
JL Fathom repair
Ozzy,Anything new to report?  I haven't sent mine back yet and your experience doesn't have me rushing to the UPS store.Scott 
Revel Ultima Studio 2??
Thanks for all the responses guys, sorry I didn't even realize that anyone had posted otherwise I would have commented sooner. I now have the new emotiva XPA-1 monoblocks as opposed to the XPA-2. These should be sufficient for the Revels right? I ...