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You had Theta in the past, what did you move onto?
I used a B&K Ref 20 and Ref 5 channel amp for a while and the sound was very good for stereo and HT. I sold that and moved to audio only (SET amps), then got out of audio for about 10 years. Came back via HT with a Onkyo mid range AVR and now... 
What is the Phono stage you have finished with?
Wright Phono AG. A classic. 
SOTA, soft feet or cones, when to use either?
I switched to Audio Points cones and noticed a "clearing up" of the music. Putting my SOTA on a Mapleshade made a bigger improvement (I started with a 2" slab, now a 4" slab). I tried a Boos maple cutting board, and the Mapleshade was so much bett... 
Cary SLI 80 owners ... how do you have it tubed ?
EH KT-88, RCA 5U4G, Pearl Cryo'd 6NS7GT (VT-231), Amperex Gold Pin 6922 (NOS). 
Cary SLI-80 vibration
Here's the update- tonight I put my Black Diamond Racing cones and Those Things back under the amp and poof- vibrations/hum gone! I had them under before, but maybe in slightly different positions. Weird, but I'll take it.Of course I ordered six H... 
Cary SLI-80 vibration
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check to see what the transformers are filled with.I suspected I'd need to add some tube dampening- good suggestions. Did you damp the EL-34s? I'll also try some treatment on the pins.Thanks again-Skot 
Speltz Anti-cable needs break-in period?
I've had different experiences with the Spletz cables Mine were used (not too much) but came wound together. Wonderful soundstage, imaging and bass are right there. I also was using Transparent MusicLinks before. The Speltz cables sound smoother, ... 
Replace DVD or add dedicated CD?
Thanks everyone!I've had the A3.2 burning in for about 40 hours now and after doing a bunch of A/B comparisons, I haven't been able to notice much of a difference between the two. The Sony was $300 three years ago (and is labeled as having 24/96 D... 
Raleigh NC Area, Anyone interested in Audio Club?
Hey Martin, just browsing and found your post. I've been thinking of doing the same thing. I'm in the Triangle area as well.