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Advice on Improving a Wifi-Mesh -> Ethernet Setup?
Are you using a stock/generic DC cable? If so, a custom aftermarket DC cable may deliver surprising improvements. Custom DC cable + grounded LPS + isolation/resonance control for the LPS. Trifecta. I am! I can indeed do better than the stock DC... 
Advice on Improving a Wifi-Mesh -> Ethernet Setup?
@david_ten I really appreciate your input, and I hope it didn't come out the wrong way. I have isolation bases similar to the Acoustic Revive TB-38H for my main components, and now I intend to get another one for my Orbi.   I know this may sound ... 
Advice on Improving a Wifi-Mesh -> Ethernet Setup?
@soix nothing exotic, Blue Jeans CAT6 @david_ten thank you for sharing, though the SR solution seems out of my price range right now. I do have a DIY grounding solution known as "battery ground tweak". @mitch2 TBH I didn't expect much (if any) c... 
The future for a current Squeezebox user
I really don’t see the issue here. There are many 3rd party software/hardware that support LMS, just run a quick Google search. 
Furutech FI-48 NCF (R) vs. FI-50 NCF (R)
Can't comment on the FI-48(R), but the FI-48(Ag) is great in my system. Without doubt the best silver-plated connector I've ever auditioned! 
Best Amplifier or Integrated for Focal Diablo Evo I use s Sparkler S502i with my Focal Diablo speakers. Against audiophile common sense, this little 7W solid-state amplifier sounds *great* ... 
Chinese DACs
Just FYI, Taiwan =/= China 
TEAC NT-505 - How good is it?
I started this discussion, and would just like to share what I ended up with (:I bought the Allo DigiOne Signature and the Orchid DAC. I also jumped the roon wagon with a NUC ROCK and a lifetime membership.I am waiting for the DAC so all of this b... 
Topping D50 vs the "Big Boys"
Seemed like the OP asked a legit question that devolved into a discussion about the veracity of Amazon reviews and Chi-Fi QC vs SQ. Has anyone listened to a D50 vs something more expensive? Or any of the Topping/SMSL type DACs vs the Chords, Mytek... 
The best looking speakers
The latest T+A Criterion looks superb finished in whitewashed oak.The speakers are refined and lowkey enough to pass as designer furniture IMO. 
Oyaide Cables
Can vouch for Oyaide, incredible performance for the money.Neo by Oyaide deserves a lot more attention, but its less known in the audiophile world. I prefer the AXIS-303 bulk cable over the Black Mamba V2 for my amp and DAC despite the lack of dra... 
Looking for my first DAC
Do you require multiple inputs and/or volume control? Will the DAC be used for Redbook only or MQA/HiRes playback? 
A DAC that can make digital sound analog?
I highly recommend the Sparkler Audio S504 "Unison" DAC. For those unfamiliar with Sparker, the brand is founded by Mr. Tsukahara, the former electrical engineer of Sakura Systems and the man behind the 47 Treasure series.I've had numerous DACs in...