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Audio Research Pre-Amp advice
I have an SP20 that’s really quite nice. Sounds great, comes with a very good phono section and high quality headphone  amp as well. I think they can be found for  around $4,500. Highly recommend looking  at the SP20.  
Opinions on PS Audio Direct Stream DAC (Mk 1)
I got my PS Audio DSD MkI direct from PS Audio as a refurbished unit, but at about $3,400.00. They gave me a 30 day return policy, and I believe a 1 year warranty. Thought it was a good deal then, and still believe it was.  It arrived in near-perf... 
Need a big favor picking a preamp
Just for fun look at an Audio Research Ref 6. Heard it a couple times at a local dealer and it sounded just great. Was a bit above my budget,  so I’m saving up to get one.   
rule of thumb: how long do you leave a tube preamp on versus turning it off then back on?
My setup is a bit less exotic, an AR SP20 pre amp with a Ref 75 running KT150's.I turn it on and just start enjoying it. No pre-listening warm-up. After about 30 minutes, it sounds noticeably better.When I am done with my listening session, I turn... 
Looking for a CD player
I'd really recommend a California Audio Labs CL15. Mine was made in 1994, sounds great. I know they are a bit old, but....Cal Audio just got things right on the CD players.They do come up for sale on Ebay and other sites typically <$1,000. 
Greatest Rock Drummers
Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzman of the Grateful Dead. Even after 50 years of playing they're still just incredible. Planning to see 'em again this summer with Dead and Company.   
What’s in your system today that you also had 10 years ago?
I'm still using many things from the 80's....a pair of Saras ST200 Tower speakers that I got around 1986, Luxman PD-300 turntable with Signet tone arm from about 1988, recently overhauled, so the vacuum system actually works (Just added a new Lyra... 
KT150s in Audio Research Reference 75 (non SE)
Just saw and thought I’d add my experience to the mix here.I picked up a used Ref 75 from my local ARC dealer about 2 months ago. I was told at the time that it has a lot of hours on it, and that a fresh set of tubes would be a good idea, and that...