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Wharfedale Lintons ... Any great amp pairings?
Ok thank you for the feedback. Trying a Musical Fidelity.   
Scansonic mb serie
Those that are happy with the scansonic 2.5s, can you share what you are using to drive them? Trying to put together an office system and can start from scratch. Thanks in advance. 
Basis Audio Super Arm 9
Just got this arm as well and it is staggeringly good. 
Partnering Equipment for Pass Labs XA60.5
It's several years later but I'm wondering what you settled on as your preamp and if you are happy with the result. 
Wyred DAC-2 vs. PS Audio PWave
Erikminer,I would use it solely as a DAC for now (with an Aaron preamp and Amp), but like the idea it could be it's own preamp in the future should I break it off to it's own system.sg 
Wyred for Sound DAC 2 or Peachtree Nova
Face, yes please tell us more.