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RIP Ben Shabalala
I think it was Joseph Shabalala that was killed earlier. But the group is in New York for concerts this week. Are you sure about the news? 
Need help copying cds
Thanks for all your help everyone. 
Best Used CD Player 1500-3000
Hi - There's a guy named Dan O'Brasky with a place called Audio Visionary in Downtown Brooklyn. He carries All the EC line. 
Are all blank CDR'S created equal ???
I haven't tested for sound, but I can tell you that in the world of archivists, the Kodak gold (now discontinued) and the Mitsui gold win all the longevity tests. 
Mozart on marimbas???
Hi - There's an ensemble named Marimolin (Marimba and violin) that may have recorded Bach. 
FM radio for biking?
I agree with Ghostrider. I'm continually amazed by riders who have no idea that I'm riding right next to them because their headphones are on. (Not to mention the crazy drivers and dogs off leashes.) 
All Value System Under 5K
Sounds like a good system, but check your math; it's nearly $4000. 
Have Rogue Monoblocks, now what?
The unit was retubed a few years ago before I knew about NOS tubes, so I'm sure there's nothing exciting in there. I'll have to check the manual for the types of tubes. Thanks for asking. 
Have Rogue Monoblocks, now what?
Hi All - Thanks for your input, some of which has been very helpful. Unfortunately, I seem to have started a little war here that is pretty much off my subject matter. If we could go back to my basic question, that would be great. If not, maybe so...