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Audio shops near Clearwater, Florida
AV South is a waste of time. 
odyssey kismet or sanders magtech?
You want honest opinions about amps, but not honest opinions about speakers. Got it.If you purchased your speakers based on listening experience, should you not do the same for your amps? Only you know what you like. 
Help me decide – Revel or Focal
Never heard the Revel but I have the 1038's and do not feel they are bright at all. My room is very similar to yours, I use a Luxman L-590ax or my AI L3 and a Kismet Odyessy to power them. Both amps sound great with the Focal. BTW I think the low ... 
iFI micro DAC 2 as good as it gets?
iFi makes great dac's no doubt. I have one and I like it ton's. However it does not compare to my DA-06 or my Yggy.I think at its price point it is hard to beat however. 
Looking for new DAC: one box or two?
My opinion don't worry so much about the dac chip type but listen to the total package. Some companies do delta sigma just fine. I have a r2r dac and a delta sigma dac and love them both. System synergies and overall design trump all.I know my opi... 
Which model Tannoy for my audio room
Late to the party and I see you made a decision but to add.I have Kensington GR in similar sized room but with higher ceilings and I could not be more impressed. Not only do they sound great but they are beautiful to look at. They do a lot of thin... 
$10K budget. Help
Contact Michael at Bluy Jay Audio in Sarasota. He has a lot of nice brands to choose from 
Audible Illusions M3B or L3
AI's turn around time is terrible. I purchased an L3 from them last year and waited about 4+ months for delivery and I am only 60 miles from the factory (not that it matters)however the L3 is a great pre and worth the wait. It is very adjustable w... 
integrated watts or amp watts
personally I have had no problems with lower wattage systems. Right now I have a 30w integrated with 6ohm 89db speakers and it gets louder than I can stand with no issues. 
Has anyone heard the Focal 1028BE ?
Thanks for the Advice.I ended up ordering the 1038's mostly for the reasons you cited. Can't wait, I demoed the 1028's and loved them so I am looking for good things in the 1038's 
Has anyone heard the Focal 1028BE ?
For a room that is 12' x 32' speakers on the 12' wall and listening at 20' would 1028's be ok or should one jump to the 1038?