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I am Looking for That Elusive 3 Dimensional Room Filling Soundstage
Gallo Acoustics Strada-2 with Gallo powered sub.That will make your room sound wide and deep with some serious 3D imaging. 
Most “disappeared” speakers.
I still use BW 801 series 2 and I have huge soundstage,but as mentioned in prior posts,set up time and rooms make a huge difference.Also have Roger's Studio 1m speakers and they also disappear quite well.Let's not forget the Amp, pre-amp set up th... 
What equipment have you bought this year so far ?
Oracle Origine turntable.Fosgate tube headphone amp.Focal headsets.Some VanDenHul interconnects. 
What’s in your system today that you also had 10 years ago?
Just about everything.Classe DR6 pre ampClasse DR-9 2 amps running as mono blocksB&W 801 Series 2Velodyne ULD15Sony 7700 DVD ( used for audio )PS Audio DAC 
CLASSE - Great amps or highly flawed?
Well after laughing for the last 15 minutes reading threads from 15 years ago I have to chime in for more comments to come for the next 15 years to come.1. I use to sell Classe Audio in the 80's,never heard a bad one.( and that's a lot of them )2.... 
Hum problem
I have  a few questions.If your amp did not hum at the techs shop then it's not the amp.1. Is your amp in a rack or free standing on the floor.    ( if in a rack take it out of the rack  / unplug everything except the speakers )2. You lifted groun... 
Classe closes Montreal operations
I own a pair of DR-9 that I use as mono blocks and a DR-6 preamp.They are bullet proof and sound really good to me,after all these years I would be hard press to sell them.It would cost me a small fortune to buy amplifiers in the current pricing s... 
Amps from the 1980's -- What gear holds up sonically? Reliably?
I own a pair of Classe DR-9 amplifiers, bullet proof and still kicking hard.They are 30 years old.