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DAC with HDCD function under usd1000
Assemblage from Sonic Frontier DAC 2.6 or DAC 2.7 at $700 is one of the best HDCD DAC you can get? Happy New Year 
Sonic Frontiers Line 1,2,3 & SFL2 Rating
Have heard L3 into B&W 801 and compared to AR R2 into same speaker. Preferred L3. 
Sonic frontiers Line 3? vs. BAT?
I have auditioned the Line 3 with 300B feeding Mezzo Utopia and Line 3 into Bryston 7B into B&W 801. Both have provided a top notch presentation. Have heard BAT into Thiel and don't think it compares anywhere close to the L3. I guess it depend... 
DAC at us$1000
Try Assemblage DAC 2.7 with the parts upgrade. It does the job for me. 
amp for B &W 801
Bryston 7Bs works good. Am going to experiment with just the 7B for low and uses Canary 301 for high. The Canary uses a quad of 300Bs and according to a few who had tried it, they stuck with it. 
CDP isolation platforms
I believe what you're trying to isolate is the vibration casued by the rack/floor and your environment. First you need to decouple from the rack/floor using a point which a cone or nail on 3 or 4 corners would do. You also want to let the CDP to f... 
The best speaker wires under $500 new or
Audioquest CV-4. Or TaraLab Prime 1000 with individual runs for each poles. This means if your separate Mid/Hi from Low frequencies, you need a total of 8 runs. 
Top Ten Tube PreAmp of all time?
Sonic Frontier Line 3 with micro-matched tubes. Canary CA 801. 
Top Ten Pre Amp Solid State of all time?
Ayre K1. 
Tube recommendation for SFL1
Hi, Try Siemens, or Telefunken. These are a bit more pricy, however, depending on the kind of music you like. You may find these more suitable. Simon 
CD Changers
Hi, Anthem CD 1 is an above average CD changer. Certainly worth a try. Regards, 
Does silver speaker wire sound bright?
Hi, I had the same problem initially. However, after reading about it on stereophile that one of the reviewers uses RF stopper to improve the situation. I tried it on mine and it solved my problem. RF stopper is not that expensive, you may want to...