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All in One Solution for Streaming
Another to put on your radar that is very versatile and has a very clean sound is the Technics SU-GX70.     
Seeking Bookshelf Recommendations
Another  speaker to put on your radar that I am thoroughly enjoying  is the Neat Petite Classic.    
what's a good Gan / Class D option under 3k? Nilai or Ncorex500?
I have an Orchard Audio Bosc 150W  setup as monoblocks in a single chassis. It was paired with a Chord 2Qute/Denafrips Ares DAC, an LTA MZ3 as a preamp and the synergy was excellent. The benefits of the LTA with the speed, clarity, and, detail of ... 
15k USD Speakers for Classical and Pop Extended Listening, Near setup, Low volume
If you are considering the Harbeth P3ESR XD, I would encourage you to check out the Neat Petite Classic. I have had them for a bit and they have that LS3/5A sound with more dynamics and drive.     
DAC suggestions for a reasonably modest system
I will second a couple of the recommendations so far. I have a Denafrips Ares(Jazz, acoustic) and a Chord Qutest(Rock, Electronic). Believe it or not I like one over the other depending on the music type. The DAC's feed an Orchard Audio Gan amp to... 
Budget preamp recommendation...besides Schiit.
Another vote for the LTA MZ2.  I just upgraded to the MZ3 and will be selling my MZ2. I used a Schit Magnius, a diy Nutube amp, and a JDS OL switcher previously.