Responses from snowstorm

Questions about Resolving Systems
A system that reveals as much of the recorded information as possible. The trick being leaving the music to sound proportionally correct. Not sure soundstage comes to mind as it is contrived but harmonics, tone of instruments, vocal pitch etc   
Tune of the Day
Marcus King - The Well ( Saw him live recently, mind blowing player) Mad Season - Artificial Red ( Revisiting grunge, not a stunning album but cant help but think that with these guys the best was yet to come)  
Thinking of Magnepan ... finally!
 Speaking as a 3.7i owner …. and 1.6, 1.7i, .6. They have been the most frustrating speaker I’ve owned. Everything said about them can be true but doesnt need to be. There will be a sweet spot in your room where they come alive and image quite wel... 
Spending a month's salary
What is it that you feel is missing or you believe could be better? What do you believe are the shortcomings of your system? Have you heard something else that has set you on this path?  
Tube amps - what 3 things…
For me autobias isn’t critical as long as it’s easily adjusted. I’ve owned Unison, Allnic, Quicksilver and Audio Research. My favorite sounding was my AR which is a pain to bias but the others provided an accessible dial. Biasing once tubes are se... 
What can beat Wilson XVX for less money?
A lot has to go into a system leashed to a pair of xvx. Get it wrong and a lot of other systems done well will challenge them. Possibly for a-lot less money. The Alexia v for instance is 1/5 the money and in the right system/room could be more enj... 
High powered single end 300b recommendations
Vinni Rossi preamp with 300b and solid state amp.  
Compact ~20WPC Tube Amp
I would consider Linear Tube Audio LTA products. I have owned both Quicksilver and LTA to drive Zu Audio and loved them both. Quicksilver a little more typical tube sound while LTA loses the syrup and exchanges it with clarity, inner detail but ke... 
Favourite Guitarists
List looks pretty complete. I would add John Frusciante the on and off again Chili Pepper. Some of the most beautiful tone and feel in Rock.  
Do Costly XLR Cables Make A Difference?
I own a couple of XLR’s from Cerious Technologies. They sound different than my previous cables from Cardas. I liked them and kept them.  
What selections do you play when showing off your system to others?
Mostly what they want to hear but my demo faves are Guitarmass - Infected Mushroom Bass and Drum intro- Nils Lofgren Xavier Rudd- Follow the Sun SRV- Tin Pan Alley Fleetwood Mac- Landslide ( demo track on extended version)  
System that sounds so real it is easy to mistaken it is not live
Not yet. If you don’t go out and listen to live music for a while you can fool yourself into believing your system comes close until you go see a show. Then it’s back to reality unfortunately. Personally I am not sure if I would want that in my ho... 
Primaluna or not Primaluna
I have never owned Tannoy but did own Zu Audio with which I purchased, lived with and later sold Primaluna, Quicksilver, Kinki, Nuprime, Unison Research amplifiers. Though Tannoy and Zu are quite different there are common traits and with the Zu m... 
When someone tells you it's a $40,000 amp, does it sound better?
I went to RMAF a few years back and brought my wife. She has a healthy amount of skepticism and calls it the way it is. She heads into a room with some vinyl she just purchased in the marketplace and the host throws it on. There was about 500k wor...