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GoldenEar Releases Triton 2+ and Triton 3+ Revisions
By the speaker terminals it says 3s or 3+ can't miss that  
Goldenear Triton One upgrade?
The Amp section in these subs are failing just like the Def Tech  
Upgrading Wadia 170i IDoc to new 171 IPod dock
My Wadia 171i won't work with my new iPhone5 and I think I broke the pins on the removable dock. It's a junk. 
Best HDMI Cable for Video
I agree with the guy ahead of me " BetterCables" are the best. 
meridian 861 or Theta Cas.III-which is better
I sold my Theta in favor of Meridian 861 V4. 
Theta CBll vs. Meridian 861.4
They both rock, but I am a sucker for the Meridian look. You set it up RIGHT and you can live with 861v4 for a long time. For 2 ch I would put my $$$$$$$ on the Theta Gen8. If you go with 861v4 make sure you get 2 OA13 cards[Balanced] and one IA45...