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Share your experience of Mon Acoustic Speakers Here
I recently purchased a pair of the Mon Acoustics Platimon VC-1 speakers and just received them 2 days ago. What I can say at this early stage is that the customer service was top notch, the packaging was excellent, and the shipping from Korea took... 
NAD M33 Initial Thoughts
I am considering changing to the M33 to simplify my system. Also, very interested in streaming from Tidal or Quboz, which I have never done. Is the M33 pretty simple to set up for streaming and does it perform well? 
best FLEXIBLE cables
After owning several makes of garden hose type speaker cables, I have switched to thin flexible types and will never go back. I have used and recommend the following:1) Audience Au24 se, and Sx2) Black cat cable Lectraline and any of their new cab... 
what speaker cable and IC are you using with Rega?
Just bought a Rega Brio R and am using Clear Day speaker cables as well as interconnects. Sounds great into my Tekton Lore S speakers and the owner of Clear Day is great to work with. 
Speaker cable advice
I agree with the Clear Day cable suggestion. I just bought a pair of double shotgun and I am very impressed. I think these are the equal of many much more expensive cables and maybe better in some areas. Paul is also great to work with! 
Would Shindo Aurieges L pre work with a Forte 4 am
I believe the input impedance for the rca inputs is 47kohms. 
Mactone amplifiers
I am currently using a Mactone XM-IIa with a Resolution Audio Opus 21 driving Merlin VSM-MX speakers. I replaced a Manley Stingray and the Mactone is in a different league. Smoother with more detail as well as bass punch. Highly recommended!