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"Famous Blue Raincoat"..
oops!I should have said the title of the 12" promo in my previous post. "First We Take Manhattan" has a remix and an extended remix that was pressed on Quiex II vinyl. 
"Famous Blue Raincoat"..
@Don_c55I hear what you are saying "There is digital sounding analog, and analog sounding digital! The quality of the end result is not format dependent." and tend to agree. But I don't agree with "Digitalis sounding to the max!"I am not saying th... 
Beatles "Abbey Road"
The latest stereo remaster was made from a digital file. The most affordable issue would be a "two box" EMI/Parlophone reissue having black labels with silver print. EMI is enclosed within a double box. This issue has analogue origins and was pres... 
"Famous Blue Raincoat"..
I hate to burst you bubble laddies but Famous Blue Raincoat was recorded in analogue.You should have your golden ears checked.'m anxious to "hear" your comebacks.