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TOP preamp with tone control under 1500 advice
Try a Pioneer Elite C-91 preamp. It has EVERYTHING that you want! Including very "AIRY" sound. VERY GOOD PRESENCE! 
best pre-amp new or used for under $500?
DUDE, Get a Pioneer C-91 Pre-amp! I have one, and bought it used for around $300. It has a VERY AIRY sound, and has a very OPEN SOUND. There's a couple of them on ebay. Just make sure that you get one that works Properly! Some of these, because of... 
Original Lps with cool posters.....
Jounrney-Captured. Rush-Exit...Stage Left had a cool live poster. It was later a Mountain Dew promo. Or 7-11 promo. I forget which one. 
Preamp suggestions
I had alot of bass in my Yamaha CX-1000 pre amp. It sounded too bassy, now, I use a Pioneer Elite C-91 pre-amp. Less bass BUT MORE AIRY. 
tuners, the red headed stepchild?
I was looking for an Onkyo Integra 4711 tuner. Does anyone here have one? 
Drill holes in rack shelf to keep amp cool?
Hello, just sell your power amp and PRE amp to me! I'll fix this problem! 
When's Delicate Sound Of Thunder coming out on DVD
Yes, you're right, it was Richard Wright. I was typing too fast. Anybody else have any answers? 
Speakers for bad rock recordings
Just give your CD's and tapes and records to me. Them you could come over and listen to them on my stereo! It ROCKS! 
CDs with heavy, fast bass and/or long drum solos
RUSH!! Exit...Stage LEFT! RUSH-A Show Of Hands! RUSH-All The Worlds A Stage! Do you live under a ROCK? It`s RUSH! 
Preamp with Theater By-Pass
Try a Pioneer Elite C-91 Pre amp. It comes with a remote, and it has the by-pass for home theater. 
Reissue recordings with added tracks
I agree, sort of. Example, I think bonus tracks are great! HOWEVER, I HATE Greatest Hits! These are what makes me very angry, I only have a few, and not by choice either. I recently got the RUSH-Retrospect #3, which has the CD/DVD 2 disc set. I al...