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CJ Classic 2 line stage pre-amp?
I purchased the Classic 2 SE (the upgraded SE version is a must in the long run) in November '13 and love it. Warm, lush - I can listen to it for hours. I had an all LSA system (treated by John Tucker to Statement level) but didn't get enough cowb... 
oppo's volume control
I tried it on the BDP-105 and a Bryston 14BSST amp with poor results. I ended up with the Conrad Johnson Classic SE and was blown away with the warm result. 
What's a great SS amp to pair with the CJ CT-5?
I have been running a Bryston 14BSST (essentially two mono 7BSSTs in one housing) after acquiring my CJ with warm sounding results ~ and 600 watts will let you get a little more cowbell when you want it. The CJ was the biggest bang for my buck in ... 
Monster AVS 200 - Third Party Repair?
I have an AVS 2000 Pro and need repair. If you have any luck with repair, please let me in on the how. I live in Campbell, Ca.