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Best HIFI Stores LA/Orange
Another vote for Upscale. Great service.  
Need someone to look at my Dynaco 70
Thanks for all your suggestions....Aloha  
I downloaded high-res files and...
I use a MacBook pro with jriver and it works well. I use my Oppo 205's DAC. The RCA's to my Primaluna amp. I have a few pieces of equipment between the Mac and Oppo to cleanup up signal. Sounds great and plays high res files. . If you'd like more ... 
My Oppo 105 finally bricked. Streamer suggestions?
If it's any consolation, my 205 suddenly stopped working except for the CD tray. Tried all the steps recommended in the responses. I left it unplugged overnight and when I plugged it back in all worked. Makes no sense and may not be the same for y... 
AudioQuest Pegasus "fever" RCA cables
@ghdprentice  Thanks gave it a shot, no luck.   Aloha  
Sharing my experience with cables
  havocman...excuse the nubie question; but is "OCC single crystal" wire a brand of design for a power cord that many different producers use? thanks....  
Would like to hear open baffle speakers
Mike what a great idea! I have emailed the owner. I used to live next door to Penngrove in Petaluma before moving here. Its an easy drive from Sacramento. Thanks for helping me out...if the speakers are still for sale when I arrive I am looking f... 
Would like to hear open baffle speakers
Hi, no physical store here. I was hopeful but to no avail....   thanks,   
Would like to hear open baffle speakers
Thanks for the offer Mike. About a 6 hour drive each way...only in town for a few days....but you never know! Thanks again.   Michael   
PrimaLuna tube amp issue
Hello all, thanks for all the feedback. I reached out to previous owner and he suggested, as a number of you have, to touch base with upscale audio. I have made contact and they are walking me through a series of steps via email to close in on the... 
PrimaLuna tube amp issue
hi, yes, I swapped all tubes from right to left channel. No impact. But,before I swapped I noticed a very faint amount of sound from left speaker at higher volume. Basically, still at square 1....   thanks,  Michael  
OPPO UDP 205 connection to amp and TV
Great, thanks for the help. Much appreciated. Michael       
OPPO UDP 205 connection to amp and TV
Hi, thanks for getting back. So, I am clear hookup looks like: 1) HDMI from PC to Oppo 2) RCA's from Oppo to amp 3) HDMI from Oppo TV? Do I have this right? Thanks, Michael