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Sam here.l realize now why so many people think my ideas are crazy?
I have been convinced...no more manscaping for this guy.  
Should people who can't solder, build or test their speakers be considered audiophiles?
I am dangerous with tools of any kind and pat myself on the back for hooking up the toilet bowl float to the chain.  Does this mean I do not know my gear? Does this mean that I do not have a discerning ear? Does this mean that for the last 40 year... 
Upgrading Aerial Acoustics Model 7T
What would you be selling your 7ts for?   
Upgrading Aerial Acoustics Model 7T
Interested in possibly purchasing your 7Ts.  I may be selling my 10ts as I just feel the need for a change.  
price of Oppo players threw the roof
Lots of scalping going on. Right here on the Audiogon site there is a brand new, boxed 203 selling for 1000.00 and a 205 for 1995.00 I hate that hobbyists feel the need to rip others off.