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I do not know what Dievoyager's exact experience has been, but I too have tried many phono stages and still prefer the PH3 in the under $5,000 new list range. I have not found a solid state phone stage that offers what the tube stage does for viny... 
Need Speaker Opinions please
You have what I believe is a medium sized room. There are many, many speakers which should work for you in the $4,000 range. Given your amp you can choose between efficient and not so efficient speakers. Perhaps the Genesis APM-1 that is on auctio... 
Best minimonitors in range of 1k -used?
I would check the Totem speakers. They are really fine sounding speakers, especially with small solid state amps. They are serious speakers and look good too. They are also available used, i.e. check out Audiogon. 
NBS or Transparent interconnects balance
Hey guys, the reason you do not read much about NBS in most of the magazines is that the people at the company can just plain be jerks. I know of a number of dealers who have sold their cables, but refuse to any more because of the headache and he...