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Looking for the next level in imaging...
It got a next level experience lesson in "sound staging" when listening to the Steinway-Lyngdorf Model B system.   I pride myself having listened to so many different systems and rooms over the years, but this delivered something very special.  A ... 
Are there other people like me ? Amazed by their low cost system :)
Great music does not have to be expensive. Price to me, is a silly metric to use for reference. Heart & ears does a much better job :-) Here is a video made to inspire:    
Would you buy a pair of speakers by just looking at the measured freq. response?
There is no replacement for how the speaker sounds in your room.   While so many things can be meassured, you would have to know how it applies to your unique conditions and taste, and even then there is so many variables.  With bigger speakers i... 
Ripping CDs
If you hate the idea of using a computer, there is all in one rippers out there. I frequently use a Cocktail Audio X45 that makes the process very simple. I prefer that to using the computer.   If on a budget, here is an idea: Get yourself a use... 
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
I am in deep, deep love and thought I would have my reference, a pair of Technics SB-R1s forever and ever.   But then... the silverback listening team and I, reviewed the new DALI Epikore 11 in the dream speaker series on my Youtube channel.  You... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
This thread will have 20 year anniversary this year... It must be some kind of record :-)  I had Frank Sinatra "at the sands" on the turntable last night.. never stops amazing me with all those guys just at their peaks.   
I Cried Today
Thank you for sharing.   I believe that this is our mission.  To pass on the joy of music experience in the home to the next generation.    RIP, John!  
Are cable “upgrades” just as likely to make your system sound worse?
.. Let me offer a different perspective: Most people assume that when they hear a difference from the new, typically madly expensive cable... it must be an improvement! The expectation of something better, can wire the brain into some serious plac... 
  The bait was taken 😁🎶..  I constantly come to think about if only acoutics could spawn the same level of engagement in audiophile land. 😜.     Great Weekend to all!        
The bait was taken 😁🎶..  I constantly come to think about if only acoutics could spawn the same level of engagement in audiophile land. 😜.     Great Weekend to all!          
Can you pick out what is what?
audioguy85, the video download pack also contains examples of the same cartridge on the three very different Phono stages.     I will not be giving away my findings just yet, but let me just say I am not disagreeing with you! 😉    
Can you pick out what is what?
wolf_garcia, I want to get inspired by other people.  If you say you like spicy food and I do too, I would be inclined to listen if you then told me you would recommend me to try some food I never tried before.  Would`ent you too? Kind Regards,  ... 
Can you pick out what is what?
😀 That why download packs are provided, so you can listen on your own system in high resolution.  Interesting now? Kind Regards, Morten  
Mobile Fidelity Settlement Update
Hi guys.  I did this video while having a little fun editing, trying to bring some more perspective and light on the substance of the MOFI debacle from a sound engineering & Audiophile therapy point of view.  Maybe you will find it interesting... 
Replace HDD in Sony HAP Z1ES with an SSD...but wait, there is more!
👍. Great help, thank you… not.  Any sensible answers from clever people? 😁