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B K ref30 or Anthem AVM2?
Hi.. I just bought a ref 30 but I have not hooked it up yet.Here is a thread for more feedback on ref 30: 
Is B K ref 30 and 7250 amp good?
Check out this very favorable review. I have bought a ref 30, but haven't hooked it up yet. 
Best tuner under 1K old or new?
Try to audition a FM Fanfare tuner. I have the FT1a. They have a downgraded model FT1al, w/o balanced out or remote, that is just a bit over 1K. It has excellent selectivity and sound. Go to Although I personally would spring for ... 
B&k Reference 30 Preamp
Hi.. just ordered a B&K 30. Below is a link to a pretty thorough review. I would guess that if music is as important as DSP modes then the ref 30 should be near the top at its price point. Especially since it has 5.1 inputs and analog bypass o... 
Hi Kitty: check out and go to the digital hi res forum on SACD. Very nice player. Ted