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Perlisten S5t
Regardless what they say. Just the fact that they have is directivity control and a wave guide makes them best for the kind of setup precision response i expect.    For what it's worth I don't even consider speakers without waveguides anymore.  
Wilson Audio Haters
For me personally it’s the combination of high price and the blinding, paralyzing, cancerous, caustic and ungodly level of hideousness. They truly are monstrosities that should be taken hunting and then "accidentally" shot in the face with bird sh... 
Most harsh/shrill sounding speakers (vintage)
I think alot of Klipsch speakers were just hash due to the horn. I think they were made for low powered, warm sounding tubes so anything else solid state or toroidal really overpowered the highs and delivered the harshness "efficiently".  
I don't have sibilance problems, are my speakers dull?
When I bought Sonus Faber sonettos, I was using a Sonos amp and immediately noticed horrible sibilance and overall brightness. When I ditched the Sonos amp and got a NAD m10 I had silky smooth, detailed highs and never again heard any sibilance. I... 
Most harsh/shrill sounding speakers (vintage)
Old school Klipsch spf series. Those things were pure ear rape. 
The most dynamic & transparent bookshelf
Buchardt s400