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is there a great used tube for 1000??
Which quicksilver model? 
Help with Lexicon MC1
Do you have to use your preamp for watching tv? I prefer not to use my tube preamp for tv viewing to save the tubes. Is there another way to avoid using 2 sets of speaker cables.{what i'm doing now}? 
Stan Warren or DIY T1 Speaker Cable?
Would you send me some info please? 
Break-in proceedure Scd777ES???
I bought this unit and still am confused as to the break in. The cd and sacd both use the analog outs so why do you need to break in both? 
Is there an alternate to Martin Logans?
Get the newform research r645's for sale here on a'gon. No, their not my speakers, I just received a pair and their awesome. Check for more reviews. 
Interconnects for 3 a pair
Bruce, i'd love to try these. I just ordered a set of homegrown silver lace with 30 day mbg. Maybe we could do a a/b? could you email me your phone number again? 
cable help ?
What is their website? 
SCD-1 vs DVP-S9000ES
I qwn a 9000 and would like to improve the audio side. Where do i send it, what will they do to it{in simple terms please!}and how much will it cost? 
DVD Audio player Vs good CD player
See old post from 2 weeks ago titled cd vs. cd 
How would you start with 5K?
sony s9000es at one call .com 4 $1050 
Need Help - Best System For My Budget???
Geordie, I would recommend starting witha great 2 channel system.You can always add ht to when you get more funds.I would suggest spending the majority on hifi 2 channel as i believe ht sonics are'nt as crucial to enjoyment, imho.That said, i woul... 
Melos updates worth it?
Sedond, mine is one of the early models without a remote. I dont know what that fotentiometer is! I'm kind of new to this and only know basics. P.s I'm also ordering a pair of newforms. Can't wait to hear them! I'm in the process of buying an amp ...