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Best Amplifier for Dynaudio Contour 3.3s?
Please check out Gryphon callisto 2200 integrated amp, 200 watts class A. It is perfect match with Dynaudio speaker. 
Which power cable is best suit for MBL amps?
Try the trinity power cable, it is great. 
Amp for JM Lab Mezzo Utoptia's
Jadis JA80 and JP80mcp are the excellent choice for JMlab. 
Stradivari violin
I have one CD album which made by TACET and title is what about this Mr.Paganini? The Album played seven most famous violins, Amati,Guadagnini,A Guarneri,P. Guarneri, Horvath, Straivari and Vuillaume by Saschko Gawriloff. He play Johann Sebastian ... 
Aerial vs B&W vs Dynaudio vs Silverline
I am agree with both audiophile, try dynaudio and using ss amp which is around 200 watts high current.