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Proceed HPA2 blinking.
Hi Riley. i know this was a long time ago , but in the off chance you may see this i have the exact same problem  were you ever able to sort it out ? thanks in advance  
Review: Alon Model V mkII Speaker
hi looking for a pair of 10" woofers , any luck? 
Alon/Nola drivers
hello all sorry don't post much i am looking for a pair of woofers for my alon V MKII  
Bill Legall-MillerSound speaker driver repair
I don't know this person looking for "World Class Service" but he can't see the Forest for the Trees. Bill LeGall has worked on Three sets of Alon  10" woofers as soon as i got the first set back and re-installed them in my speakers the sound was ... 
Duntech repairs?
send the woofers to Bill LeGall at Millersound in Pensylvenia actually send him all the drivers and he will work some magic on those things that you can't even imagine 
Why is there so much Rowland gear for sale?
well well i am listening to my jeff rowland 8T with my consonance pre. (which by the way has the best sounding phono i have ever heard) my sources are oracle delphi MKII table and sony sacd xa777es with alon MKV millerized speakers and the music i... 
Jeff Rowland or Mark Levinson???
well all i can say is: i love my 8T with my consonance driving my alon V MKII with millerized woofers "millersound" i have friends coming over that have much more money invested in their sound and they say they just can't match the sound my jr's p... 
Replace light bulb in Thorens TD-126 MKII
hi dave replacing the bulbs is really quite simple you will need to remove the front faceplate in order to do this there are two spring loaded push releases underneath the unit depress these using a flat screwdriver (if you look from underneath th... 
alon model 5 mk 2
thanks for the pics mingles i went ahead and bought a pair of alon V MKII i had to refoam the speakers i contacted Mitch here on this site and he gave some very good pointers i had repaired the surrounds before i contacted mitch for advice and was... 
alon model 5 mk 2
does anyone have pics of the alon V MKII