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gallo 3.1 repair
I have not heard that the 3.1's have issues with classical music. I love my 3.1's and have not noticed any flaws in them.That being said best bet is to always contact the vendor and see what they can do for you. 
Anthony Gallo 5LS
any more detail on how they sound compared to the reference 3.1's? 
Gallo Reference 3.1 questions...
Yeah the Gallo's are said to compete with speakers in the $10,000 price range, they've been said to be legit giant killers so it's not to often they wouldn't walk all over speakerrs that are around the same price.I truly love mine and I really lik... 
Gallo Reference 3.1 questions...
I had a pair of Paradigm Monitor 11's and Paradigm monitor center for 5 years and now have the Gallo's 3.1's and an AV center. So I can compare the monitors with the Gallo's fairly well.I like the Monitor 11's but in comparison the Monitors had a ... 
Crossoverless Speakers - Ultimate Solution ?
Gallo speakers either have no crossover or for the reference 3.1 only has a high pass filter at 120HZ for the larger woofer. 
Lexicon NT 512 / Bryston 9B THX
I own a 512 and yes it is a re badged Bryston 9B. The only thing to watch out for is after a few years the RCA connectors will start blowing fuses in the amp. The only thing you can do is send in each amp channel to Bryston and pay 200$ to get bet... 
I auditioned the Duevel Planets .
"the bryston will drive them fine"I know it will drive them but will it blow them up :). How do these compare with the Gallo Reference 3.1's? 
I auditioned the Duevel Planets .
I looked into the planets but had to exclude them cause they are only rated at 50 watts RMS. My Bryston amp is about 150 watts per channel so I think my amp would fry them. Anyone hook these up to a good amp and play them loud?