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Perreaux SA2 Preamp's Phono Stage
Yes, GW connected. Had similar, but not as bad results with hookin' up an el cheapo TT. Must be a problem with the stage as the line ins work fine.Thanks for the feedback, 
Preamp pairing with B&K ST-140
Thanks Guys:Bringing in a B&K pre would be a good purchase, and more than likely what I may do. A big factor here is I can get one for $150 - $300. I'm from a guitar backround, and I don't even consider SS, even with the latest technological a... 
Preamp pairing with B&K ST-140
Hi:I'm learning and was recently exposed to this. So you should match a preamp with relatively low output impedance with the SS's low input. Any rules of thumb to go by on this, like ratio's or either not to exceed?Thanks,WalterI must admit, It so... 
Preamp pairing with B&K ST-140
My local guru at Wilson's audio highly recommends ARC. He has a SP-7, recently serviced, but the $800 tag may be a little steep right now. I do want to minimize swapping components, as I can see you can spend more $ if you don't hit the right pric...