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List some of your favorite live Jazz recordings
Hubert Laws “ The San Francisco Concert” If you like dissonance in Jazz then Miles Davis “ Call It Anything”  Sadao Watanabe live from Budokan “How’s Everything”    
RIP Jeff Beck
Haven’t heard “Truth “ or “Blow by Blow” in years but have enjoyed “Jeff”, “You Had It Coming”, and “Guitar Shop”.  He will be missed…  
So, I listened to a $1Million Dollar System
I’ve heard Wilson Watt Puppies that made you think the singer was in the same room with you. They were paired with a Nagra preamp and a Mark Levinson power amp. Many years ago but still remember the incredible detail.  
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Well it depends on what type of music you’re into. I listen to a lot of jazz and a fair amount of rock. For an obscure jazz album try “ The Chuck Mangione Quartet”, it’s his first album and a very mellow. It’s not available on cd and Amazon can or... 
Lexicon MC-1; DC-1 Power supplies
Mouser discontinued the DC 1 power supply production. If anybody needs a replacement board, it can be had from  www.pyramid-audio.com It was $70 plus shipping. If anyone is looking for a Lexicon power supply, I would check there first.