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The following 10 are respectufully submitted:#1. JVC's D-2-D, "Sugar Loaf Express".#2. Test pressing of Patricia Barber's "Modern Cool".#3. Crystal Clear Recordings D-2-D: "Virgil Fox Volume 1".#4. Sheffiels Labs D-2-D: Prokoffiev " Excerpts from ... 
Who's got a trick tweeter bi-amp system?
I own Dayton-Wright XG-10's. I am not interested in an anti-D-W tirade. Digustibus non disputandum. I want to know about tweeters. I am currently running a Plinius M-12 and SA-100. The D-W's are passively crossed over to a Gottshalk (Michael Wrigh... 
How did U get into this expensive hobby?
In 1971, my sister's boyfriend went to "Nam. I was the caretaker of his stereo. If I remember right, it was a Pioneer receiver and a Garrard turntable and some JBL speakers. In 1974, my brother-in-law (not the same as above)came back from Germany ... 
Who R U?
Artemus 5: It's my belief that there is nothing wrong with the input connections. It's the output connections that are not functioning properly. Erin can tell when she listens to something (other than herself)if it is off pitch or out of key. It's... 
Who R U?
This is an interesting thread. My 18 year old daughter is a major audiophile having grown up with excellent audio equipment all her life in addition to being raised without television (didn't own one from 1981 to 1997). The odd part is that she's ... 
What ever happened to Direct-to-Discs?
Yeah, Grumpybb. Try doing an A-B test with the d2d of Sugar Loaf Express and the cd. 'Nuff said. 
What ever happened to Direct-to-Discs?
CD's sound fine and they're great for the wife that doesn't want to fool with a turntable. However, if you want the best, direct-to-discs are still the way to go. Just look at how many of the companies @ the CES audition their equipment with vinyl. 
Why Don't More People Love Audio?
For @ least the following reasons:1. Very few people know how to listen to music.2. Very few people will take the time to listen.3. Very few people discuss music just as music.4. There's little status in it.5. Music has been, for the most part, re... 
Tubes vs Solid State
Degustibus non disputandum. Hey folks, we are talking about audio perception (and that's all it is) that is so refined that we are detecting bats in the belfry. 
Most achingly-beautiful music
1. Second movement of Beethoven's violin concerto.2. Mario Lanza singing "Marie" (especially after your Italian mom passes away).3. Side 4 of Yes "Tales from Topographic Oceans" 
Thanks for the information. At the present time, my 6.5 meter run is Silversonic BL-1 with RCA connectors. The passages between cuts on CD's, at full volume, are dead quiet. Based on what I see above, I probably should save my money and keep what ... 
Vote for the best speakers in 10K range
Degustibus non disputandum 
Best Vinyl Preserver
Thanks for the information!! 
Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
All the disco ducks and coke-rockers from Saturday night Fever to the (not including) Specials.