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Speakers Under $500
lol,  Thank you and moving on!  What a dumb question.  lol  
Speakers Under $500
Dolby Digital sound you get from Netflix, Prime, HBO,  or is called 5.1 sound     
Speaker Sound
Or use speaker wire as jumpers.  
What power cord do you use for your processor?
I believe this is Snake Oil.....Mind if I laugh a bit?  
Affordable vs. ultra expensive speakers - what's the difference?
@lonemountain +1.    
Why terminate speaker wire?
My 16GA, 2 cond, speaker wire is 99.9% pure copper.  I strip the ends and twist the strands.  Then insert into the speakers and AVR.   Do what you want with added connectors on the ends.  
Need help: Energy ESW-C10 subwoofer -- Denon Avr-s540bt receiver?
Amazon.com: KabelDirekt – 10ft long – RCA/phono Y cable, 1 to 2 RCA/phono, stereo audio cable (coax cable, RCA/phono male/male plugs, analog/digital, adapter for subs/amps/Hi-Fis/home theater/receivers, black) : Electronics This will work for you... 
Speakers for small room
Here might be some suggestions: wall speaker at Crutchfield  
Affordable vs. ultra expensive speakers - what's the difference?
I'm not into Music listening as a hobby, but there are those that are and can afford expensive sound equipment.  I'm sure some will buy the high end equipment, just to say they have the best.  Music lovers as a hobby and want to spend lots of $$$$... 
Klipsch center channel to compliment Forte I
I did use the R-52C and did sound pretty nice to MY ears.  I elected to replace with psb Imagine XC.  My other speakers are Klipsch with subwoofer.   I went back and forth with the R-52C and the PSB center, about 3 times.  The Imagine XC sounded ...