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Audio Desk Systeme - Vinyl Cleaner – Repair of Water Pump Failure
Hello Decibell-My friends's AD cleaner's pump has failed. Would you kindly send me some photos of what you did to get to the pump please? My email is wdemars@beautyofsound.com Thank you-Bill  
Tube Guru 6C33C Amp- Has anyone heard this amp??
We at Beauty Of Sound import TubeGuru into North America. Our showroom is just outside of Albany, NY and is available on an appointment basis for demonstrations. The current reference system is comprised of TubeGuru TubeMann phono stage, TubeGuru ... 
New York Audio Show Review
Hi Devilboy: Your account is not accurate. I was the one spinning the records and in no way would have changed the subject. I tried to be as accommodating as possible with regard to requests. The speakers indeed are flat to 20hz. The next time we ... 
Ikeda 407 Tone Arms - New or Vintage
Just came upon this thread. Mcmprov, I would be happy to discuss the Ikeda tonearms with you. I'm happy to be importing the legendary products here in the U.S.www.beautyofsound.comBill Demars518-852-9183 
What Arm choices for the Garrard 301
I think the Ikeda IT-407CR1 is a great arm for the Garrard 301/401. It's very high effective mass is ideal for the heavy, low compliance cartridges one usually pairs with the Garrards. Disclaimer: importer for Ikeda-www.beautyofsound.com 
A low cost way to try phono once again?
Check out the Hanss T-10 at 1800. It comes with cartridge, built-in phono stage, and tonearm. Nice table and built very well. I have the T-30 on my showroom floor and it is a great sounding table that's very reasonably priced. Disclaimer: I am a d... 
Son Et Image 2010
I was there as well. I enjoyed most of the rooms and thought the overall sound was much better than Denver for whatever reason.Rooms of interest for me were:1. KingSound/McAlister-just amazing transparency. Reach out and touch the musicians. Dynam... 
azimuth adjust with Origin Live Encounter
The new one. MK3C. 
Gallo 3.1's and amps?
Leatherneck-I have a pair of Morrow SP-2 speaker cables on my horns and I like them a lot. I will seek out a demo of some of the amps you suggest. Thank you for your suggestions.Barry, do you have the 3.5's in the system now? Do you have the SA am... 
Gallo 3.1's and amps?
Do you think that an 845 amp at 20wpc will be enough power for the 3.5's?I will probably eventually get two per side, as advised by Pierre Sprey at Mapleshade. One firing forward and the other firing backward. I would think this would a similar id... 
hanss turntables
It looks like the Hanss tables are very similar or exactly similar to the Amari line of tables. Has Amari been around for a while? 
VPI Rim Drive vs. belt drive sound files
Dean-what a great thread. I wish more people would record their comparisons not only for the individual doing the evaluating, but for others as well.I recorded the same 10 or so tracks with my current table and also with another table I was consid... 
Deep Cleaning Records With Steam?
My Perfection Steamer made an incredibly loud whistling noise as it heated up. To the point that I had to unplug it or else go deaf.Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?