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Best Amp for Paradigm 100 Speakers
I have the V2 100's and have had 2-A250 Acurus, bi-amped 991 Rotels and a ATI1505, NONE of them COMPARE to the 450watt per channel ATI 1506!! These speakers NEVER I mean NEVER sounded this good!! Image, stage, tightness, these speakers came alive ... 
Paradigm Quality Problem
I've owned 3 sets of Reference series, 2 center channels and a servo 15 and NEVER had a quality problem Wonderful speakers!! 
Bi-wire cable versus 2 sets of cable
Your wasting your money if you buy 2-sets of cables, with 4 ends on each. Bi-wiring just lowers the resistance level on the wire and the amp. You can go to a 1 size bigger cable and achieve the same results. The best way is to bi-amp, even if you ... 
Center Channel Height
If at all possible, make the tweeters of your 3-front speakers(front-left-right-center) on the SAME plain or HEIGHT. This is the most important element in placement of your center channel. Hope it helps. 
The Best Speakers for a Small Room
Green Mountain Continumum!!! Closest thing to Sonic Perfection in a CAST MARBLE ENCLOSURE(BOOKSELF)!!! Most floorstanding speakers CANNOT reproduce this! Do some research on these its worth your time!! 
Best Used Subwoofer for $500.00?
If you could come up with another $100. You can find Paradigm PW2200 for $600(used) sometimes (far and few between) This sub is VERY VERY tight and accurate. HARD HITTING 95+db@20hz!!(HIGH Q) The Velodyne CT-150 is +25% BOOOOMY -25% accurate. B&am... 
5 Channel Amp for MIRAGE OM Theater????
Rotel RMB 1095 200x5. Balanced and unbalanced inputs. And rear casters(wheels) to help place this 75lb+ beast. Or the ATI 2505 is a no brainer if you can find one for $1500. You should be able to find a RMB 1095 for $1500. Hope it helps. David. 
Recomendations for shipping
I just shipped a 8ft. Da-lite HDTV electric screen, and ran into the same problem-too big. I called 6 different Freight Companies and YELLOW freight was 45% cheaper than anyone else. Just ask for the YES discount. You can save even more if you tak... 
Sub for basement system
I have M & K V-125 12" Powered Sub. Retailed over $800.00. I will sell for $490.00 shipped to your door. One year old. Go to the M&K website and read where this sub in Sound and Image Magazine face-off RANKED it # 1 against 17 other subs i...