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DVD player question
Thanks. I guess I shall wait...Kind of like the Beta and VHS... 
recording from itunes
The reason why I say is I did a blind test and could pick out the itunes recordings every time...I am not using that good of equipment either. A TALK cd, classe 20 pre, conrad sa 250 amp...I totally agree with buying!!! 
Bad idea? Budget int. tube amp with Maggie 1.6's?
I have personally heard mags with an underpowered good sounding tube amp and it was bad. Sound was plain with no detail. Everything was foggy and would not play loud by any means. I would suggest after what I heard is to have at least a 50 watt tu... 
older dacs
Thanks for all of the response. I have narrowed it down to an older dac after some input. Something in the $500 range. Has anyone out there spent any time with a theta. I'll let you guys know what ends up on the shelf... 
Best speaker cables for Thiel CS2.4 speakers
I just switched to all TMC cabling. I made this switch from all MIT gear. ALl of the mit were mi330 ic's and speakers were T-2. The TMC is a third of the price and I am much more satisfied with the sound. 
recomending power to speakers
I have classe 20 pre, sony dvp s7700, music hall mmf5 TT, MIT T2 speaker cable, The Music Cable (best cable yet) IC'sI enjoy female vocals, rock, jazz... pretty much everything but heavy metal and classical...Thank you,much appreciated...