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Cleaning LP's
Part of your problem amy also be the stylus. If it is an old round sperical shaped one, it rides on top of the groves, and will pick up all the the misuse, wear and tear etc that is normal on even the best cared for records. Elipticals ride in the... 
Harman Kardon Rabco Turntables/HELP
Sorry, I forgot the cartridge issue! MAke sure it is well shiledednad grouns well. MAybe a Shure V15 series, or a good Audio Technica maybe the 440. Believe itor not, a high output MC will work ok as well. Try the Dennon Dl140, it is under $150 an... 
Harman Kardon Rabco Turntables/HELP
I have one, and I agre the rumble was horrible. The motor is tiny, about the diamater of a silver dollar. The spindle and bearing are also light weight. That said, I used alot of lead shot , a Sorbathain record mat, and a ton of sorbo wraped in st... 
Record Cleaners-Which Work-Which Don't
I beg to differ, the LAST preservative does indeed work, as does Groove Glide by Roz Oil. In the case of the record preservative, in combo wit the stylus preservative, you do indeed reduce wear. I have known more than one person who proved that th... 
Record Cleaners-Which Work-Which Don't
I have a Nitty Gritty 2.5, and it does a very good job. As with any vacum record cleaner, it literally pulls the dirt out of the groves. I know of no better way than to vacum a record, VPI or Nitty Gritty both do excellent jobs, and I doubt there ... 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
Roy Orbison! 
Best female vocals on CD
Mary Black! Enya! Wilson Sisters (Heart)! Joni Mitchell!etc etc etc 
Best female vocals on CD
I could keep going, so many good ones, so little space! 
Linear Tracking Turntables - Best??
Well, I had a Liniar Tracking arm, they are ok, but...They can be hard to maintain, alot of tweaking and readjustment. Pivot arms do have alot of advantages as well. 
Koetsu cartridge rebuild
I believe Koetsu also will do it. They are back in the USA!