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What is the VERY BEST CD album you've ever heard?
I just read Tylermunn's post about Glenn Gould and have downloaded his collection on Youtube.Is this a fairly good quality sound? Thank you Sorry to go "out there",but,to me Grand Funk Railroad's "On Time" has some amazing passages-the guitar cros... 
Streamer/CD ripper
😀Thank you  
Streamer/CD ripper
Thank you eagledriver_22 et al.Very helpful and kind suggestions/info.I will continue to try and improve my music and self.Best wishes for the upcoming holidays/celebrations etc  
Streamer/CD ripper
Probably a silly question,but after ripping my several hundred cds into my Bluesound Vault2,in Flac,how can I convert them to WAVE? My current "system" is the Bluesound Vault2,wifi connected and played through optical connection to Ruark MR1 MK2 s... 
Help with connecting REL Tzero Mk III with KEF Eggs
Thank you imhififan!! That is some great research you've done.I will get onto this and let you know how it goes.Best tonyzvault51 
Hearing loss and HiFi
Here in Sydney,Australia,I developed worsening hearing loss and bought Hearing Aids about 8 years ago.Where previously,my hearing of music was a bit muffled,I now hear all the detail and it is fantastic.Why not get an Audiology test and get hearin...