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Fosgate Signature Phono Preamp
I just procured the Fosgate and I can say it is as quiet as a 'church mouse'.I may try a different tube combination once I've gotten totally used to the stock set up. 
Just got my Scoutmaster, need setup suggestions...
Joey.......Papa Dave here, I'm watching you !!!Call me !!! 
Review: Audio Research LS-25 mkII Tube preamp
as afollow-up to "markone', I too own the Plinius SA-102 and this past spring mated up the new ARC LS-26 and couldn't be happier. I've been an ARC guy for twenty years, had a modded(Steve Huntley) SP-9mkII that was a sweetie ! One thing to be awar... 
Plinius SA-102 for Magnepan 3.6
i own the SA-102 (presently driving M/L Vantage's) and my room size is 14'4" x 23' x 8', prior to my M/L's i owned Maggies for twenty years. I think your SA-102 will do fine, it's ability to operate in high bias Class A will allow it to bring out ...