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What is the status of Deltec Precision Audio (DPA)?
Who can service DPA PDM 256 DAC ? Sent a couple of the messages to TomĀ  (dpa_ service ) , but he did not reply on my last ones.  
Looking for TEAC Esoteric P-70 CD-Transport power transformers
Hi there, Contact with me if you still need transformers fro you EsotericP-70 
A Dac about two thousand used
Vimak DS-1800MK2, Tube Technology Fulcrum. 
Best matching DAC for TEAC 25X CD Player.....
Upgrade the internal 25x DAC. its uses AD1862N-J DACs ships which are one of the BEST EVER MADE. I have done upgrades to my VRDS-25 and it beats Chord DAC-64 which I had in my possession. 
Downsizing-Need Integrated Amp Advice
Try Simaudio MOON I-5 . Very musical, warm and tubelike sound.