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Isoacoustics for Proac SM100 Studio?
Down here, I am trying to decide with path to go to get the most of a pair of VR-44 Aktive. 180 pounds each on wooden tiles over concrete floor. Decouple or disperse the vibration energy to heat? Isoacoustic Gaia with it’s suction cupsor Stillpoin... 
Warm HDMI cable?
As far as I know, the more silver plated, the better the HDMI cable is to pass I2S data from Oppomod digital board on an OPPO 203 or 205 player connected to DS Sr. Wireword, Audioquest and I consider Revelation Audio the best to get everything wit... 
Anyone have experience with the Ayon Stealth dac?
Tubes used in the right way! 
Anyone have experience with the Ayon Stealth dac?
Used as a DAC/pre amp to Spirit III direct input is unbeatable! No chance to PS Áudio DIrectStream Sr.I use the DS Sr. to listen to Bridge II streaming capabilities. 
Anyone have experience with the Ayon Stealth dac?
Got one connected to Spirit amp. Amazing DAC. Even better than my PS Audio DIrectStream Sr. Tube magic! Match made in heaven  
need help regarding new Ayon spirit iii
Also, KT150 are real fire powers when I compare to my old Spirit 1 using KT88. 
need help regarding new Ayon spirit iii
Even in the triode mode! 
need help regarding new Ayon spirit iii
Own and love Spirit III and Stealth DAC from Ayon. Match made in heaven! Also, VR-44 Aktive speakers with Tara Labs The 0.8 cables gave me everything I wanted with accurate bass to spare!  
Taralabs cables
Just replaced a Transparent Reference XL SS speaker cable and a Transparent Ultra RCA interconect with a pair of Tara Labs 0.8 and WOW! Everything is cristal clear now. Speakers VR-44 AktiveAmp Ayon Spirit IIIPre Amp and DAC Ayon Stealth 
Using Tidal Exclusive to MQA DAC unfold or PC unfold to 49kHz/24bit then to MQA DAC
I am using Bluesound Vault 2 to unfold MQA to 24/192. Very good solution.  
Bluesound Vault 2
Already started ripping my cds. It will take while but it seems to compensate the time spent.  Set to wav. But Tidal Masters MQA is amazing! Using Shunyata power cable and Van Den Hull stereo cables made a huge difference! Next test will be to imp... 
Bluesound Vault 2
I buying one to listen to Tidal Masters in full MQA 24/192. Better sound than ripped cds? Anyone ? 
Bluesound - MQA & SACD?
What about Bluesound playing MQA files from Tidal Masters? Better than DSD files? 
Ayon stealth Dac owners !
I use one as a pre amp and DAC. Replaced a ARC REF 5SE with honors.