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Paypal Restrictions and Withholding Funds
Do your self a favor and just stop using PayPal.  What a rip off.  I stopped selling on eBay years a go because after eBay and PayPal took their cut, nothing was left.    
Any turntable / tonearm setup experts near Chattanooga / Knoxville Tennessee
@bpwalsh are you still setting up tables?  If so, let me know the next time you will be in Nashville.  Have a new VPI Prime 21 and would love to have an expert take a look at the setup and maybe give me a tutorial on dialing in VTA, etc.    
TT Recommendation
Thanks for all of the recommendations here.  Some really nice options unfortunately a couple of them mentioned are above my budget.  One of them about double my budget.  As of right now I think I'm going to go with the Rega P8, with the Apheta 3 c... 
802 D3 vs 803 D3 vs Sopra 3 vs Sopra 2
My budget for the speakers is 20K max.  Would like to stay around 17.  My current power is a Mcintosh MA5300 (100 Watt).  I know I'll need more but there is no budget for that for a few months.  The plan is to find a MC462 or a used MC452 and then... 
Neil Young calls out Tidal
It does look like most of his music has been pulled.  I’m subscribing to both Tidal and Qobuz right now but may ditch Tidal after my discounted subscription expires. 
BlueSound Stinks(!), anyone?
I've tried the Node 2i twice.  Yes not sure why I tired it a second time.  I ended up returning both before the return period was up.  Recently ordered a Lumin D2 and honestly it's night and day difference in both sound, app, etc.