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Wonder product?
I bought a second hand Puffin with COAX out due to a recent addition of a Hana MH which outputs 2mv. The controls allow you adjust the gain, which was instrumental to bringing the cart to life. It’s basically an adjustable SUT. Perfect solution to... 
Benchmark AHB2 in Mono Block Configuration
When one of my monoblocks (Monarchy  SM-70Pro) went out for repair, I used the single as stereo for a couple weeks and noticed quite a degraded change.  Upon return  of the second unit, it became apparent that having the monoblocks in place made e... 
Floorstanding speaker experiences/recommendations in the $12-25k range
Daedalus Audio line may be of interest. I've read only great reviews about them, however I haven't heard them. There used to be a buzz in the forums about their speakers.  
Funk Firm turntables?
LSD here, grooving with an Ortofon Black. I wish I could tell you that this compares to xyz, but it's my first turntable since I was kid. Sounds fantastic to me! Alive and accurate. I bought it used on Ag and the belt needed replacing, so I had so...