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Does a taste for high end audio, also carry over into your other interests?
Off road motorcycles Husqvarna te-300ithey've com a long way since you were in school  
Opening Record Store
LOTS of good advice on here...after 40 years I could definitely help (on the phone)get in touch...  
What do/did you do for a living?
Record store owner (non profit) in Athens GaLow Yo Yo Stuff 
Audio Desk Systeme - Vinyl Cleaner – Repair of Water Pump Failure
I wonder if you could someway retrofit a filter? maybe by keeping the pump outside??  I know it’s beyond my abilities :) 
Tool Fear Inoculum impressions
The affordable lp may never happen :(its supposed to be a box set of one side records :(   
Has anyone finally decided to sell their Turntable and Vinyl collection?
I travel the country buying record and cd collections : )  for my storesi cant stop, but I listen to CD’S more often than notAnyone interested in selling?  I am very fair... 
2019 calendars
your local record store(the one i own does!) should have the Rhino records calendar thagt comes out monday....great photos and daily facts 
Sanders magtech or odyssey kismet
My 3.7i  came to life with the Sanders Magtech they were fine with my Plinius 9200,  but at higher volumes the Sanders is effortless customer service is amazing in every way...just call his office or cell and he will pickup...  My forever amp fwiw 
Can I put a 60" tv behind my Magnepan 3.7i speakers?
THANKS! for all the great responses...after some more consideration, (and the mention that 60" would be Too small for the room),and just not wanting anymore variables,  I just decided to put the tv in another room and I'll put together a diff syst... 
You can only take 5 albums to a deserted Island...
My picks of whats in front of me right nowRobert Wyatt-rock bottomhatfield and the north -rotters  clubtalking heads-name of this band issteve reich- music for 18 musicianshenry threadgill-too much sugar...kate bush-hounds of lovesonny sharrock-as... 
Hunting for 1st pressings
A good dealer will do alot of  the work for you!