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Buchardt S400 MKII's vs Tyler Acoustics/GR-Research T1 Studio Monitors
Did anyone get the T1 Studio monitors? How do they compare?  
This is juvenile...
I noticed that someone picked Hope Sandoval. Good choice.I would pick Bjork or Natalie Merchant. Especial Bjork for her uniqueness.BjorkNatalie Merchant 
What software to play .dsf or dsd files for Windows 10?
Another software to consider is HQ Player. I have not tried it yet, but may be less user friendly, but may be better for sound quality. Looks interesting..https://www.signalyst.com/consumer.htmlt 
Do Macs Play FLAC?
You may want to try Channel D, Pure Music software for your Mac. This integrates with iTunes, and allows you to play FLAC and many other formats. Also, Pure Music is said to be very good sound quality.More here:http://www.channld.com/puremusic/ 
Pass X-series preamp with Adcom GFA-5802 amp?
Another amp to consider is the Marsh A400S. Close in price to the Adcom, but probably a better amp. 
What music would you like at your funeral?
The Grateful Dead have been requested the most at this point. My pick is "Black Peter", by the Dead. Most likely a version from the 1974 wall of sound tour. 08/06/74 (Tue) Roosevelt Stadium - Jersey City, NJ (second set). 
Using a CDP to copy a cd to computer
Just use your computers cdrom and EAC software, "Exact Audio Copy". Not sure if there is EAC for Mac?http://etree.org/eac.htmlt 
Crossover builder
You may want to ask this question at http://www.diyaudio.comThere is a lot to read about building speakers.Tom 
How to build your own tube amplifier?
You don't need to go back to 1955?? Go today, to diyaudio. They have a whole section devoted to DIY tubes. Read this for a few weeks, and you will be full of ideas. Just look at the thread subjects!!http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?... 
What is the quality of discs burned from itunes?
The iTunes may be mp3 format. If so, they have lost some quality, mostly in the high frequencies. You may not notice much. The mp3 format is a compressed wav file. Data is lost in this compression.The EAC that bigkidz mentioned is for extracting w... 
Adcom 5300: too aggressive for Epos M 12s?
I do not consider any of the Adcom 5X00 series amps aggressive or harsh. I have a 5400 and a 5500. For the money, it should work fine. 
Is there a good source for speaker recipes?
I built some speakers 6 months ago. They turned out very nice. I am selling my Hales Revelation 3's. The 4 months before I started, I read a lot of discussions on diyaudio.http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?forumid=6During the 4 month... 
Which is better, Jolida or Cayin?
Thanks for all the opinions. I will also be looking at some used Cary, SLA-70. But I am still open to Jolida and Cayin. 
Best Speaker for Loud Rock w/ tubes
The best speaker would be line arrays, hand built by you. If you want to buy speakers, take a look at the Legacy Focus. The speaker is efficient, and rocks!http://www.legacy-audio.com/2003/focus2020.htmlTom 
Cable vs. Electronics: biggest bang for the buck
Here is an interesting article on speaker cables from a great guy, Nelson Pass.http://passlabs.com/pdf/spkrcabl.pdf