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Which Harbeth?
Just wanted to say THANK YOU very much to all who responded.Very helpful to me indeed. 
tube integrated for Harbeth under $2500
I use a Unico, love it with Harbeths. 
Help choosing a phono cartridges
love my AT150 with my 126mkII 
John Lennon, 29 years ago today....
Kb54,You comments are right on!!I agree with you 100%.His messages become even more relevant as time passes. 
Need some slow electric guitar
Chet Atkins- In Hollywood 
Are there any albums you consider perfect?
Blood On The TracksAmerican BeautyAereoplain 
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue - current pressing
You would have to be very fortunate to find a better $30 pressing. 
Should I get a new cart, TT or phono stage?
Djn04,Some great advice here from everyone.Phono stage would make the most noticeable improvement, however, sounds as if your set-up is well matched at the present.I would wait awhile before changing things up and enjoy.Maybe spend that upgrade mo... 
Help in isolating a TT with spring suspension.
Chris,I understand your frustration. I've been there.I believe that you have 2 choices.First, use a different turntable. Secondly,look at the problem from a different perspective ( somehow make it work in the room)and find a way to utilize one of ... 
Warner Bros New Van Morrison Vinyl Reissues
Thanks so much as always Jaybo and thank you Kmulkey. 
Mike Smith of the DC5 r.i.p.
My very first LP, DC5 "GLAD ALL OVER ".Sang and danced to that LP many, many times. Still Do.Gonna go spin it right now for Mike. 
What's your favorite remake of a song
"Baby It's You" SMITH 
Your First Concert was.....
Shindig 1964