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Replace stylus or new cartridge?
I was confronted with the same dilemma a few years ago and elected for a new stylus for the TLZ. It now is regally suspended from the MMT for which it was originally purchased which in turn sits atop a truly vintage Kenwood 600. It really does sou... 
Cheapest but good cables….
You might consider Vogue Audio speaker cables. A bargain for what they are. I was attracted to the silver composition and their rather outrageous willingness to publish specs which almost no one will or, as I understand it, can. To my ear, they ar... 
what’s a song cover that you think is better than the original?
Lee Ritenour and Kurt Elling add poignance and emotional coherence to ‘River Man’. Nick Drake really didn’t have a chance on so many levels.    With all love and respect for Dionne Warwick IMO, Issac Hayes really nails ‘Walk On By’.  
Best Phono You've Heard Under $2200
Surprised that no one has mentioned PS Audio Stellar Phono. Mine is startlingly good. I’ve only used it with coils but can’t imagine it would be less than great with MM’s.  
At a funeral a few years ago, a retired insurance agent sang Israel’s version of ‘Somewhere/What a wonderful world’ accompanied by his son on guitar. A dark and somber day seemed more survivable. For me, though, ‘I Surrender’ by David Sylvian expr... 
Looking for an amp that punches way about its weight and I can grow with
Pass is an excellent suggestion. You could speak with Nelson about the match and be assured of an honest and completely informed answer. For used and demo talk with Mark at Reno HiFi, I think he is in the middle of a move right now but he is a gen... 
Why would anyone want class AB amp when class A always sounds better ?
Clearly, there are lovely examples of amps of all description. That said, I still occasionally hear old low watt Levinsen and Krell class A devices which move me to tears. There is something there. Options exist at my house but a Pass XA-30.5 rema... 
If you could, what live performances would you enjoy re-living?
Late show with the Doors, Chicago, Feb. 1970; Deep Purple opening for the Faces, Chicago, July 1971; Miles Davis, Auditorium Theatre, 1991; Tears For Fears touring in support of 'Sowing the Seeds of Love'. How old are we, anyway? 
Versatile, non-fatiguing speakers for a small room under $1500 used or new: advice needed!
Have had good fortune with Monitor Silver 6's; lively, versatile and a consummately easy load. Many very good stand mounts have been mentioned but good stands are important: they will be fairly expensive and heavy particularly after you fill them ...