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What is better than Bose but costs less?
I agree with Kthomas,the Linn Classik is a great performer,in my opinion there is no Bose that can compete, however little people known the Linn Classik, many Bose. 
"The B&W Sound"
3 years I owned B&W CDM 1NT's, wich was a love-hate relationschip.I used cheap equipement such as a Rotel 971 amp and a Rotel RCD 971 player.I would discribe the sound rather as detailled, nearly analytical and a bit shrill.However, later I've... 
Linn Chakra poweramps
With the 4-channel Chakra C4100, I can drive my Katans in active mode I believe.Before you needed 2 poweramps like the Lk 85 or LK 140 to go active.The Exotik prĂ© is probably the one to go, but is too expensive for me, the Kolektor is still in pro... 
Small speakers for a small room
The Linn Katan is a step forwards but I will not go active and I don't like the way Linn is going now ( to expensiveand moviestuff has nothing to do with musical emotions.)The Totem Rainmaker cost about the same but I can't comparethem with the Ka... 
Small speakers for a small room
The Paradigm is to expensive and not known in Belgium, Totem could be an option.I like low level listening. 
small room speakers
I think Spendor S 3/5 is replaced by a new model, the S 3/5 SE.I can order them without the opportunity listening before.It's a bit risky ( they aren't cheap ), Spendor is very rare in Belgium. 
need more smoothness
I sold my B&W's because my system frustrated me.So I intend to buy new speakers and listened to SonusFaber Concerto's with my Rotel amp.It sounded bad, but when the salesman used an other amp,in this case the LFD Mistral, I was schocked from t... 
listener fatigue? go analogue.
My speakers strongest points are at the same time theirweakest.The speakers are detailled and analytical, so you can heareverything including the weakness of your system, cd or lp.I have also Linn kan 3 speakers, they're far from transparant as my... 
listener fatigue? go analogue.
My turntable is a very modest pro-ject debut 2 and a pro-ject phono box, that isn't the best gear in the world but to my ears it's an improvement, my CD-player is a veryaccurate machine: the rotel rcd 971, but in combinationwith my CDM 1NT's the t... 
need more smoothness
I use a Rotel 971 MK2 amp (60 W), NAD C 520 player, and use QED cable and wire with my B&W's. My room is about 5 x 5 m.I use the word sharp, but that's not 100 % correct, maybehard is a better discription. 
need more smoothness
It isn't the same with all music, piano for example isgreat, but their analytical caracter shows too much detailat the high tones for me, that's why you hear almost everything, it's also a matter of personal taste. 
great little speakers
In Belgium there's no problem to buy B&W, but alternitive'ssuch as Harbeth or Spendor are hard to find.I can order Spendor in 2 or 3 shop's in Belgium,no Harbeth,and nobody cares, strange.I consider the Spendor S3/5 but will they match wellwit... 
Dynaudio Audience 52 SE or B&W 705
I schould go for the dynaudio cause i've got dynaudioaudience 40 and b&w cdm 1nt's speakers, the b&w's are moredetailed and has a higher sensitivity ( they play louder), the little dynaudio is better for smaller places ( less soundstage ).